Feb 26, 2014

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Namaskara!- Orange County Kabini

Namaskara!- Orange County Kabini

A tryst with luxury, the tribal way

‘Orange County Kabinika ninka swagata’ were the first Kuruba words that welcomed me into this jungle home nestled quietly within the Nilgiri biosphere.

Although Kabini is bestowed with some of nature’s most beautiful creations, but a deeper look inside the resort makes you realize that it is difficult to find luxury in so much synergy with nature and wildlife anywhere else. I had barely soaked in my experiences at Orange County Coorg and here I was starting another journey, this time, a journey that not only promised to take me closer to the rustic land but also open up the wild side of nature for me.

I knew I was in wild territory as I drew closer to the resort. And as I took my first steps in, two tribal men played the drums and sang a welcome song and a lady marked my forehead with tikka.

Spread across 20 acres of land, the resort is built on the banks of the river Kabini that flows through the Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka. It is also the largest contiguous forest cover in the region and home to the largest concentration of herbivores in Asia.

Orange County Kabini orchestrates an interdependent relationship between wildlife and tourism. The resort has been designed in a way that it very intricately blends the colours and patterns of the surrounding landscape. It offers two kinds of tribal themed suites, the Jacuzzi Huts and the Pool huts, both of which are inspired by the mud-walled Hadis (village) of the Kadu Kurubas. The interiors of the Pool and Jacuzzi huts are subtle yet sumptuous with the living room offering views of the rustic landscape outside.
The spacious bedroom opens into the open to air Jacuzzi or a private pool. And just when you find yourself immersed in luxury, you notice how the wooden furniture, the lamp shades made of dried bottle gourd and modern day air conditioning have been so thoughtfully and discreetly appointed to keep the tribal feel intact. Additionally, in line with their key values of eco-sensitivity, plastic is discouraged at the resort.

Reading Lounge (Image Courtesy: Orange County, Kabini)


Vaidyashala, Orange County, Kabini(Image Courtesy: Orange County, Kabini)


Restaurant, Orange County, Kabini(Image Courtesy: Orange County, Kabini)

I spent my next few hours alternating between resort activities, the Vaidyasala, their Ayurvedic Spa, the Reading Lounge and the deck chair by the Infinity pool set against the vast green expanse.

As my happiest moments here were coming to an end, I wished if only time could stand still.







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