Sep 18, 2014

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India roadtrips

India roadtrips

A few roadtrips worth taking

With a topography that varies between lush greens, deserts, valleys and beaches, cruising through Indian roads can give you the kind of adrenaline rush like nothing else. 

  •  Delhi to Nainital
  • Delhi to nainital mark

A 300 kilometre road through Tanda, Bazpur and Kaladungi finally ending in Nainital, the route is hilly for the most part. The highlight of the trail is the Kumaon hills and the wildlife that includes elephants, sambar deer, tigers, golden jackals and so on. The route makes for an efficient drive except that you need to be prepared for low visibility due to fog during winters and traffic near Moradabad. However the route is a tea lover’s paradise as it offers plenty of chai stalls.

Delhi to nainital


Once there: Nainital is a traveller’s delight who can choose to spend his day either trekking around the hillsides catching a glimpse of the Himalayan peaks every now and then, enjoy paddling on the lake, shopping or just relaxing while gorging on authentic Pahadi food.

  • Manali to Leh
  • Delhi to nainital mark

This once can be quite a tricky drive and definitely needs prior planning. In most probability you will be the only soul on this road for most part of your 2-3 day journey. Brutal yet beautiful, the landscape alternates from snow-capped mountains to deep valleys, fields and small villages. The route goes via Rohtang, Keylong and Sarchu. It is important that your journey is spread out over a period of 1-2 days as the topography is rugged and full of high passes. A stopover at Keylong is advisable especially for first timers as it gives some time to get acclimatized to the high altitude.


The first high altitude pass, Rohtang La (13,000 feet) makes for a fun climb as the roads are in good condition. The roads after this leading up to Tandi via Kokhsar are downhill and rugged.

You could take your next halt at Keylong which is also the last petrol bunk on the route in case you need to refuel. The next odd 80 kilometres are again an uncomfortable drive but the roads improve after Sarchu. Post Pang, you will see mostly plains as you head towards Upshi, which encourage you to drive a lot faster. Upshi to Leh is another hour’s drive and the roads are in relatively good condition except for the first few kilometres.

The best time for this roadtrip should be June to September although be prepared for some rains in the month of June.

Once there: Leh itself has lots to offer in terms of accommodation, from homestays and budget hotels to the more luxurious hotels.

  • Bangalore to Horsley hills, Andhra Pradesh

  • Delhi to nainital mark

A lesser known hill station located about 140 kms from Bangalore, closer to the South Western border of Andhra Pradesh, Horsley hills stands at a height of 4312 feet above sea level. The roads narrow roads make for a fantastic ride and take you through Eucalyptus, Jacaranda, Gulmohar trees and the likes with small houses that can be spotted in the midst of the greenery down the steep descent.

A 4 hour journey by bike or less than that by car, one can take the route that goes to Chintamani via Hoskote and reach Madanapalle, the closest town near the hills.

Bangalore to Horsley hills

Once there: Accommodations run by the APTDC cost anywhere between 1650-3000 a night. Do not expect restaurants in the vicinity, however the closest town Madanapalle offers some local shopping. Although it is a strictly do nothing but relax place, the Horsley Hills Museum, Environmental Park, Highview point, Lake Gangotri are some of the touristy places around, apart from the Shiva Temple located around 15 km from the hills on the road towards Madanapalle

  • Jaipur to Jaisalmer

  • Delhi to nainital mark

his one’s rich on culture. This is one roadtrip where it is not just the destination but the journey itself that’s rich in culture.

You can take the route that goes via Jodhpur. Jaipur to Jodhpur is about a 5 hour drive (about 350 kilometres). The highway makes for a good drive and your stoper at Jodhpur will definitely not disappoint you.

Jaipur to jaisalmer

Jaipur and Jodhpur are both destinations in themselves. Take your time with Jodhpur to not justsoak in the architecture but also help your tongue with some tasty bites. Jodhpur has plenty on offer right from its royal forts to the city streets that are full of colours. While the Umaid Bhawan Palace and Mehrangarh fort are a must see, do save up for this one as you are bound to come back with bags full of clothes in Bandhini art, meenakari and kundan jewellery and loads of artefacts.

Jodhpur to Jaisalmer is another 5 hours (about 300 kilometres). Driving on this route takes you along the deserts and while the roads won’t disappoint you at all, this one’s definitely a test of your braking abilities with animals crossing by every now and then.

Once there: The road leading up to Jaisalmer is ideal driving territory. In Jaisalmer, you can book yourself into one of the resorts or desert camps. From there you can go exploring the forts, Havelis, or simply go off-roading in the desert that stretches out infinitely before you. Do not miss out on spending atleast one night at the Khuri dunes which is another 40 kms away from Jaisalmer.

  • Chennai to Pondicherry and Auroville

  • Delhi to nainital mark

Running along the coast of Bay of Bengal, you cruise on the East Coast road (ECR) that enables you to enjoy views of the tranquil coast line. The 113 kilometre long distance has green fields, beaches, parks, fishing villages, resorts, heritage centres running all along the road. The road makes for a great drive as it allows you to drive at your own pace, provided you’ve managed to hoodwink the peak hour traffic.

You could always make a halt at the coastal town of Marakkanam on the side or to stop by at Anandas Only Coffee for a tasty filter coffee break.

Chennai to Pondicherry 1


Make a stopover at Mahabalipuram. A laidback town, you can explore the various temples and heritage sites like Arjuna’s Penance, Sculpture museum and so on.

Once there: Pondicherry has a whiff of the colonial cum Bohemian air. A former French colony, parts of the Union territory have retained the French flavour in the form of its food, the hotels, the shops, the churches etc.

Just half an hour away from here is Auroville, an international community dedicated to peace, love, harmony and sustainable living. The town definitely leaves you with some food for thought.





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