Aug 9, 2013

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Horsley Hills: A Hill station closer home

Horsley Hills: A Hill station closer home

What happens when you’re a quixotic traveller and a caprice to break out of the cocooned environment at your cubicle starts nudging your wanderlust mid-week?Well, if that traveller is me, then the answer is simple. I decide to whisk away for a quick weekend break to some quiet place near the city. As always I took this a step further and even ‘higher’ up. I decided to ditch the car and take one of my friendsfor a ride (Literally this time). And off we were to the lesser known and quite unexplored Horsley Hills. About 140 kilometres from Bangalore, closer to the South Western border of Andhra Pradesh,the place stands at a height of 4312 feet above sea level. And if you’re on a Bullet, the ride takes a different meaning altogether.

Bangalore weather just blended perfectly with the landscape around that had plenty on offer, Eucalyptus, Jacaranda, Gulmohartrees and the likes with small houses that can be spotted in the midst of the greenery down the steep descent.

Madanapalle is the closest town near the hills and definitely your last stop to stock up anything that you may need. Although a biker’s delight, the roads leading up to the hills are narrow. Not the most ideal recommendation, but we started our climb up the hills a little after sunset with the roads appearing darker than usual and the rains playing truant every once in a while. And knowing that the surrounding forests are home to several wild animals, while my heart thumped a bit every once in a while looking back at the stretch gone by, the kid inside me smirked quietly in the backseat of the bike.

Once inside Horsley hills, you can find an accommodation in any of the resorts that are run by the APTDC. An overnight stay at the Governor’s Bungalow is a good option.


The next morningcame creeping in on us with the sun peeping in right through.A quick round of morning tea and filter coffeealongwith some authentic South Indian breakfast and we were ready to explore what the resort had in store for us. A climb up the Highview point gives a beautiful view of the valleys and forests around. Quiet space is what the place offers in abundance and you can find yours and simply relax in the tranquillity around. Much to our delight, the resort itself also has an array of activities like zorbing, rappelling, rock climbingin addition to some funtime at the pool for the water babies.

It has only been a couple of weeks since I got back from here and I’m itching to make that climb once again.If you love nature and are longingto take a quick break from youroverworked schedules, this one is a must recommend.

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