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As far as I can remember, in my head, I was always travelling alongwith the travel show host on TLC and used to always imagine myself going to all those places that were written about in the Lonely Planet magazines.

What I had not discovered was the closet roadtripper in me. It was over a period of time and after a few roadtrips that I realised that travelling is where I find my balance. What followed next was a series of written accounts of my travels.Now a roadtrip meant some place to crash at night (not that I haven’t slept in a car with 2 degrees outside and the heater on trying to save fuel at the same time), but a constant search for hotels, resorts etc gave way to the idea of luxury properties.While I love writing features on lifestyle vacations, the backpacker in me keeps complaining every once in a while.

Why Bigheadtravels? Because I have a really big head (as I’ve been told) to the extent that I had started believing so myself (It took an XL sized helmet to reaffirm that one though).
I had recently read somewhere that the most amazing travel experiences experiences are not the most comfortable ones and I realise that each one of my trips reinstates that emotion like nothing else. And so a place where I can share my experiences with people as much as I’d love to hear theirs.

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